Users from countries where the store is officially unavailable can now shop on the Google Store

10 March 2017
Since the release of the first Nexus gadgets, many of our compatriots have been following the Google Store in the hope that the store will be available in Russia and "clean" devices from the American IT giant can be bought at a better price. Times change, the hunt for Nexus has been replaced by the anticipation of new Pixel devices, and the official store is still unavailable in our country. However, thanks to recent changes it is finally possible to shop there.Recall that previously when we entered the Google Store we were only informed that the service was unavailable in our country. Now, users have an opportunity to see products for other regions. Of course, at the same time it is possible to buy the gadget they like. However, there are some pitfalls, too.Despite the fact that you can pay for the purchase using a bank card issued outside the selected country, it is still impossible to make the delivery abroad. The representatives of the company expect that the new opportunity will allow to buy gifts for relatives or friends living in the countries where the Google Store is available. In fact, now our compatriots, who have acquaintances abroad, will be able to buy through them, indicating their mailing address, and then pay for the goods with their bank card. It is possible that this will also cause an increase in the number of organizations providing forwarding services for gadgets from European or American stores.In connection with these innovations, many owners of Android devices express the hope that soon it will be possible to select the region in the Google Play app store in a similar way. Unfortunately, no official comments on this issue have been received yet and we cannot say for sure that the company will listen to the wishes of ordinary users.