Shazam is dropping support for its Windows 10 and Windows Phone apps

13 March 2017
More and more services stop supporting their apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10 gadgets. Not so long ago, the developers of Viber announced the end of support for these platforms. Now, the turn has come for one of the most popular applications for identifying and searching music: Shazam.It is reported that Shazam became unavailable in the official application store on February 7 this year. However, information on the reasons for the inability to download the program was found by users in the support section only recently. According to this information, further development of the application has been halted and the opportunity to download it from the Windows Store will not return. However, those who have had time to do so previously, will be able to use it until the outdated product is no longer supported by the operating system. There is no information about how long owners of gadgets running Windows 10 and Windows Phone, who managed to download Shazam, will be able to use the application. It is only known that they will no longer receive updates and, accordingly, access to new features of the program. Also, we can not exclude the possibility of difficulties with authorization in the service through Facebook.