Microsoft dramatically increases the intensity of advertising of its own products in Windows 10

13 March 2017
Microsoft has been known in recent years for its aggressive policy of imposing new products, updates or applications. Now, the American IT giant has surpassed itself by starting to show ads in the "Start" menu and in the Explorer.The point is that now, when working with folders on a PC using the usual Explorer, users will see ads for paid Microsoft products. And to make the ad impossible not to notice, the developers made its size obscenely large. Basically, in such a way the company imposes the purchase of Office365, or the purchase of additional space on OneDrive. However, there was also an ad for the company's free products. In the Start menu you can now see a recommendation to use Microsoft Edge, a click on which opens a web page with information about the browser advantages over competitors.It is worth adding that the recommendations in the Start menu can be disabled in the system settings. It is a bit more difficult to disable advertising in Explorer, but it is still possible. To do this, you need to click on the tab "View", then click on "Options" and select the tab "View". Then, the only thing left is to find the item "Show notifications of the synchronization provider" and uncheck it. However, it is worth realizing that such actions will also disable the display of other, more important notifications from OneDrive. As Mspoweruser representatives correctly noted, with each such innovation, the operating system becomes more and more like a bazaar. We can only hope that Microsoft will stop "digging the grave" of their newest operating system and listen to the opinion of ordinary users, although the hope for this is melting with each update.