Facebook will close several of its apps at once

04 July 2018
As many people probably know, Facebook often develops or acquires experimental applications. Unfortunately, quite a few of them soon come to an end. So it happened this time as well: the company decided to close three of its applications at once.We are talking about Hello, tbh and Moves. It is reported that the company decided to refuse their further support due to their low popularity among users. Recall that the Hello application allowed users to combine information from the phone book with data about contacts from the social network Facebook. The product was developed back in 2015 and was used mainly in Brazil, Nigeria and the United States. The tbh app was acquired by Facebook relatively recently, in 2017. It is an anonymous social network for high school students from the United States. Apparently, the app could not achieve much popularity. As for Moves, it is the only one of the three products mentioned, which will probably be missed by users from our country. The fitness-tracking app was released back in 2013, and a year later it was bought out by Facebook. Unlike the other two, this product was available, including in Russia. It seems that the popularity of the app was still lower than the new owners would have liked. The Hello, tbh, and Moves apps will cease to exist within the next few weeks, but their pages in the Google Play store are no longer available. All user data will be deleted within 90 days.