"Yandex indexed Google Docs and opened them for public access

05 July 2018
Unpleasant news for Google Docs users. The content of many documents, including personal data and passwords, became publicly available.It is reported that the "leak" occurred due to the fact that the search engine Yandex indexed Google Docs. As a result, user personal documents, including all sorts of reports, tables and lists of passwords and other personal and corporate data began to appear in the search results. After a while, access to the indexed files was closed, which is unlikely to calm those whose personal data had already leaked into the network. Yandex representatives declared that their search system indexes only the open part of the Internet: those pages which do not require a login and password to access. Thus, only those documents were indexed that were not protected by privacy settings. Representatives of the company said that they have already sent information about the problem to Google.