Fans of eSports will be able to follow the tournaments for their favorite games via Twitter

06 March 2017
It's no secret that eSports is growing rapidly these days. Over time, not only the number of cyber athletes, but also their fans is increasing. A huge number of spectators from all over the world are trying to follow the course of the competition, and it seems that very soon they will have another convenient way to watch broadcasts of tournaments.The fact is that the social network Twitter has received the rights to show broadcasts of more than 15 cybersport events. This was made possible by cooperation agreements with ESL and DreamHack. As a result, all the tournaments will be available online and in the service's mobile applications. A nice addition will be some exclusive content from ESL. Twitter users will be able to watch a special show about the most interesting cyberspace events, as well as recordings of interesting moments that were left off the screen. The first broadcast available for Twitter users as a result of this agreement was the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Katowice. In late April, you can watch broadcasts of CS:GO, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and Street Fighter V, which will be held in Austin as part of DreamHack. Not without a fly in the ointment. Cybersports broadcasts will periodically be interrupted for commercials, just like when watching certain TV shows. Anyway, the possibility to follow their favorite game tournaments in one of the most popular social networks will surely be to the liking of many eSports fans. We can only hope that the quality of the image will meet the expectations of viewers.