Google Assistant is coming to all devices with Android 6 or higher

03 March 2017
Not long ago, Pixel gadgets attracted new customers with the support of Google Assistant, which is unavailable to owners of devices from other manufacturers. It seems that very soon smartphones developed by the American IT giant will lose one of their main advantages: very soon the assistant will appear on all gadgets with Android 6 and above.Of course, this applies only to official smartphones and tablets with pre-installed Google services. Those who have decided to save money and buy an inexpensive Chinese replica or model designed for the Chinese market, you can forget about the assistant. It is worth adding that Google Assistant has already begun its distribution today, but it will probably not get to Russia soon. First of all, the assistant will please users of Android-gadgets from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain and Germany, and only after that will be launched in our country. As for the Russian language support, it is not yet possible to say for sure whether it will appear or not. Nevertheless, we cannot deny this probability, given the prospects of the Russian market for Google. As soon as the turn comes to Russia, all owners of smartphones running Android 6 and newer versions will automatically receive Google Assistant. Until then, all we can do is follow the news and hope for the introduction of Russian language support.