"Kaspersky Lab warns of a threefold increase in viruses affecting mobile gadgets

03 March 2017
There are probably no PC users today who have not encountered one or another virus or Trojan. This problem is also becoming increasingly important for owners of mobile devices, especially those running Android. In 2016 alone, the number of malware threatening gadgets running this operating system tripled.Kaspersky Lab specialists shared the relevant information. On the official website of the company appeared a record of the results of the study, which calculated a frightening trend. Thus, the number of mobile ransomware alone has increased by 8.5 times since 2015. Banking Trojans, whose main victims are Russian users, have also increased their number by more than 1.5 times. As Roman Unuchek, an anti-virus expert at Kaspersky Lab, explained the situation, one of the main reasons for such a large-scale spread of malware affecting Android is the untimely release of security updates by many gadget manufacturers. As a result, a huge number of smartphones and tablets of unsuspecting users become vulnerable even to threats, protective mechanisms against which have long been developed and implemented in the latest firmware versions. It is worth adding that no matter how often the gadget receives all sorts of updates, additional protection should not be neglected. At times, it helps to protect users' personal data, as well as their money in their bank accounts, by having reliable anti-virus software on the mobile device, as well as by being careful on the Internet, especially when visiting unfamiliar sites.