Twitter is getting new tools to filter out offensive content

02 March 2017

As many of you probably remember, a while ago Twitter introduced a feature to filter notifications by keywords. This innovation was supposed to help get rid of offensive tweets. Now, the developers of the social network announced the launch of new tools that will improve this functionality.

Already in the near future, all users will have access to advanced notification settings. Among the new filters will be those that will help to forget about the notifications about the actions of users who have not verified by e-mail, and who have not uploaded the avatar or not specified the phone number. These measures will help protect against spam if used in conjunction with blocking tweets by keywords or phrases. Unlike the notification blocking feature already launched earlier, the new feature will allow you to hide tweets from your feed, including their "stub deadline." And for those who do not want to bother typing unwanted phrases, there is an option to ignore tweets from everyone to whom the user is not subscribed.

In addition, changes have been made to the system for filing complaints against users. Now, after the submission of a complaint, you will be able to track its receipt and enforcement, thanks to the introduction of appropriate notifications. In addition, the offenders will be subject to more stringent measures, up to temporary blocking of the account.

All of the above innovations will be finally launched and available to everyone in the coming weeks.