Gmail now allows you to accept files of up to 50 megabytes in email

02 March 2017
Despite the creation of all sorts of file-sharing services, many users still prefer to send files as attachments to e-mail messages. The obvious disadvantage of this method of data transfer is the presence of strict limitations on the size of files. It seems that Google decided to meet the users' wishes and to soften this limitation.The thing is that starting from today Gmail users got the possibility to receive files with the size up to 50 Mb by e-mail. However, it's worth understanding that this applies to the total amount of data. This means that no matter how many files are attached to the letter, their size should not exceed the specified size. Interestingly, when sending emails, the limit of attachments remains the same and is 25 megabytes. Thus, you can accept relatively large attachments with the help of Gmail, but you will still need to use a third-party service to send them. In their message in the official blog, the developers noted that you can use Google Drive to send large files. This innovation has already been officially launched and everyone will be able to try its advantages in practice in the coming days.