Figgers F3: a dream smartphone or a fake?

07 March 2019

Not so long ago there was information about a new generation smartphone. Allegedly it will have wireless charging that works from five meters, a screen with 4K resolution, and flash memory of incredible size. However, some skeptics do not believe in the veracity of this data.

We're talking about the new Figgers F3 smartphone. It's actually hard to imagine - a phone with a 4K screen, 5G support, and a whole terabyte of storage.

In addition to these rather nice characteristics, the smartphone is protected from dust and moisture, although it is not clear to what extent.

Figgers F3: смартфон мечты или фейк?

The smartphone, according to some reports, will be released in the U.S.. It will be the first 5G-smartphone and will work with any operator in any country. This was told by Freddy Figgers, CEO of the company. By the way, Figgers is located in Florida. The company was founded in 2009. In 2014, it released its first smartphone, the Figgers F1. The main difference of this phone was that it could block itself from sending messages if its owner was behind the wheel.

The display on the Figgers F3 is expected to be 4K resolution. The camera will be dual - 18 megapixels. One very interesting fact was the fact that the smartphone charging device - Figgers Super Base will be able to charge the device at a distance of five meters. To date, there is nothing on the market with similar characteristics.

No information about the "internals" of the smartphone yet. Some believe that the information that has appeared about Figgers F3 is a hoax, invented in order to PR the company.