Known Android apps suspected of transmitting personal data

07 March 2019

Scandals caused by situations involving the transfer of personal data happen regularly. The social network Facebook is the most involved in such stories. It receives many complaints about alleged violations of the right to privacy.

Specialists from the IT-industry told about another "leak" of users' personal data. This time the Android app was to blame. The data were published in a report by Privacy International. The organization protects the right to privacy.

Among the applications that are not safe for users' personal data are Duolingo (foreign language learning), Indeed (a program for finding jobs) and the service Yelp. In addition, the list included a number of other programs for prayers and religious texts.

Известные приложения для Android заподозрили в передаче персональных данных

All the programs shared the data about users in the Facebook account. The process occurred even if the application did not have a phone number. The social network is known to use the information for personalized promotional offers.

Some media write that a similar problem occurred in the applications Skyscanner and Spotify. However, it was quickly solved.

Recall that in 2019, the Roskomnadzor already made an administrative protocol on Facebook. This measure was due to the fact that the social network did not provide information about the localization of personal data of Russian users in the Russian Federation. The decision on the case will be made by a justice of the peace.