FiiO X5S - an exclusive Hi-End player

06 February 2020

There are many connoisseurs of high quality sound in Russia. It is for them that the next novelty of FiiO is designed. We are talking about the FiiO X5S Android-based player. It is already on sale in the Russian Federation.

Image Fiio.

The model is exclusive. Firstly, FiiO X5S is available only in one store. Secondly, the batch is limited. There will not be enough gadget for everyone who wants it.

Is it worth the attention? Yes, thanks to the impressive hardware. It claims to support all types of DSD and PCM. This is guaranteed by the dual DAC AK4490EN.

You can not worry about compliance to Hi-End level. The sampling frequency reaches 768 kHz. In addition, the FiiO X5S outputs 300 mW of power. Good news for owners of headphones with an impedance of 32 ohms.

Image - Fiio.

The OS is Android 5.1. However, FiiO engineers have reworked the audio processing. Thanks to them, the system sounds better than the original. Want a cleaner sound? Turn on Pure Music mode. That's where all the power of the device goes.

Store your tracks on a 64GB flash drive. Short on space? It's easily expandable with microSD cards up to 256GB. The FiiO X5S has 2 such slots.

To buy the product, you'll have to go to the "Beru" site. They ask up to 23,990 rubles for the device.