Xiaomi Mi 10 will get a unique RAM

06 February 2020

Xiaomi is to be congratulated. Its future flagship Mi 10 will be a record-breaker. First, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor. There are no such phones on the market yet.

Image from cntechpost.com

Second, the Mi 10 pleases with an unusual RAM. This was announced by Micron Technology. It has released a new RAM. We are talking about LPDDR5 with impressive characteristics.

Micron Technology said that LPDDR5 is used in Mi 10. Chinese smartphone surpassed all competitors. No one else has similar solutions. This was confirmed by Lei Zun, head of Xiaomi.

How much better is LPDDR5 than LPDDR4x? The new product is ahead of its predecessor in everything. It consumes 20% less battery power. It also has a 50% increase in data transfer speed.

Image - @xiaomishka

That being said, it's very important for 5G devices. Without it, you can't reach the 6.4 Gbps limit. Xiaomi's product won't have a problem with 5G networks.

Micron Technology supplies 12GB, 8GB and 6GB modules. How much will the Mi 10 get? We'll find out soon enough. The announcement is expected soon (February 10).

What else will surprise the device? There are rumors about a 108 MP rear camera. We will not have to complain about bad photos. In addition, the Mi 10 is attributed to a 512GB flash drive (in the top configuration).

Image from 5nch.com

Separately, the price is worth mentioning. The basic version of the gadget will cost about $600. Other details insiders are silent.