The final version of Android P is available to owners of Pixel smartphones

07 August 2018
Not long ago, information about the release date of the new Android P appeared on the Web. The operating system was supposed to be released on August 20. However, on Monday, August 6, the new Android became available for Pixel smartphone owners.Many people are probably wondering what name the manufacturer has prepared for its creation this time. Back in July, a support service employee from Huawei Poland in correspondence with a user "declassified" the name of the new Android, calling it "Pistachio" (pistachio). However, this information has not been confirmed and the operating system has received a simpler, and more euphonious for the Russian ear, the name "Pie" (pie). What exactly is the pie in question, history holds back. In addition, it became known that the new Android will have the number 9, and not 9.0, as previously expected. As already known, the update will bring a change in design in accordance with the requirements of Material Design from Google. In addition, changes have been made to the navigation button block, which will now have just one button that supports gesture control. A nice innovation will be the use of interactive "thumbnails" of running applications, which will allow you to interact with them on the multitasking screen.We also know about some unfinished functions. So, we're still working on Slices. This feature will allow some applications to display some elements of their interface in other applications. So, the user can perform necessary actions without minimizing the active application. For the most part, Slices will be useful when working with Google Assistant. It is expected that the innovation will be fully launched in the fall. Another interesting feature, which has not yet been completed, is Digital Wellbeing. A special panel will display a timer with the time before using the phone and the time before locking them. This innovation is expected to help fight smartphone addiction. In addition, Android 9 Pie will bring many other useful changes, including the option of "Adaptive Battery" with elements of AI, a new algorithm for brightness setting, as well as changes in the background work of applications. For now, only Pixel smartphone owners can try them out. The next in line will be the owners of gadgets participating in the beta testing. These include the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Sony Xperia XZ2, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21 and OnePlus 6. All of them should receive an operating system update by the end of the fall, as well as the devices of the Android One program. Curiously, Essential said on its Twitter account that the update to Android Pie is already available for its smartphones. When Android 9 Pie will be available for mobile devices from other companies - we can only guess. We can only hope that the developers do not keep waiting long.