The iPhone 9 with dual-SIM support will only be available in China

06 August 2018
Many users are waiting for Apple to present a smartphone with dual-SIM support this year. The appearance of such a gadget was indicated by the mention of the corresponding slot in the beta version of the mobile operating system iOS 12. It seems that the hopes of iPhone fans this time are not destined to come true. However, this does not affect the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom.Recently in the network appeared new data, which indicates that support for two SIM cards will appear only in the iPhone 9 model, designed for the domestic Chinese market. We should add that rumors about a possible release of a dual-SIM iPhone have been spreading since the beginning of this year. At the same time some sources reported that the product could come out only in China. Even if this information is confirmed and the long-awaited dual-SIM support will only appear on the iPhone in the Celestial Empire, this event can not but rejoice, because Apple has finally listened to the requests of users. This leaves the hope that the long-awaited innovation will be available worldwide, even if we have to wait for the release of the company's new generation of smartphones.