Popular app Musical.ly ceased to exist

06 August 2018
Musical.ly, an app for creating short music videos, launched back in 2014, has officially ceased to exist. Since Thursday, August 2, it has been impossible to install it. Nevertheless, user data is not irretrievably gone: it has been transferred to the similar service TikTok from Chinese Internet giant Bytedance.This event was quite expected, since Bytedance absorbed Musical.ly back in November 2017 in a deal worth about $1 billion. Until recently, the service operated in parallel with the similar TikTok, produced by the Chinese company. Nevertheless, the latter soon overtook Musical.ly in popularity: its audience is now about 500 million subscribers worldwide. In this regard, the company decided to merge the services. According to the developers, the updated TikTok application absorbed the best of Musical.ly and retained its own popular elements, implemented before the merger. In particular, it is reported that the new product received a ribbon, which will display popular materials from the community of users, as well as a system of personalized video recommendations, based on the user's preferences.