The flexible HUAWEI Mate X is afraid of the cold

25 November 2019

Foldable smartphones are a real revolution. They can be folded in half, which impresses the public. Unfortunately, new products suffer from "childish" diseases. A prime example of this is the HUAWEI Mate X.

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HUAWEI Mate X was released in mid-November. Previously, it was expected to appear in the summer of 2019. Alas, the developers needed more time. They decided to bring the flexible screen to mind.

Was it successful? As it turned out - not 100%. It is reported that the HUAWEI Mate X does not cope with low temperatures. In short - it is unstable to cold.

HUAWEI warns about this - in the user manual. It is dangerous to fold the display at minus 5 Celsius. It is capable of damage. An unpleasant limitation for a $2400 product.

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Minus 5 even in China is not uncommon. HUAWEI Mate X can not be used up to 3 months a year? Fans of the gadget will have to move to the tropics.

Let's recall the characteristics of the device. HUAWEI Mate X is equipped with an 8-inch OLED panel. We are talking about the diagonal in the unfolded position. The maximum resolution is 2480 by 2200 pixels.

Separately, it is worth noting support for 5G. The corresponding modem guarantees fast access to the Internet. Especially when 5 generation networks will be everywhere (including Russia).

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In the role of the processor is the Kirin 980 chip. In addition, there is 8GB of RAM and 512GB of flash storage. A quad camera (with a 40 MP main sensor) is responsible for taking pictures.

Owner identification is thanks to a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint module is located on the side edge. There is also a 4500 mAh battery.