Xiaomi pocket translator introduced

24 November 2019

Too lazy to learn English or German? Soon you won't need to. China's Xiaomi has created an unusual gadget. It is released under its sister brand Mijia and is an interpreter.

Image from ithome.com

The gadget is pocket-sized - it looks like a smartphone. The device knows 18 languages. Foreign speech is recognized automatically - with the help of directional microphones.

Plus, it translates inscriptions. What's being said is done in real time. It is enough to point the camera (with a resolution of 8 MP) on the text.

Also, the product is equipped with a 4.1 inch display. Touch control, "tile" interface. Get lost in the menu will not work. Separately, it is worth noting the long-lasting battery.

Image from ithome.com

In the role of the power source is a 3000 mAh battery. This capacity is enough for 5 hours of work under load. In the "standby" state the period increases to 19 days

Network connectivity provides eSIM (or regular SIM). Among other things, it supports Wi-Fi. How much do they ask for the miracle of technology? 185 American dollars.

Sales will start on November 26. How do you like the device? Share your impressions in the comments.