Gmail will force users to update Chrome

03 February 2017
Google Chrome has long needed no introduction: it is preferred by a huge number of users both in our country and abroad. However, not everyone is happy with the changes that the browser receives with the release of updates, so some continue to use outdated versions of the program. Google has prepared an unpleasant surprise for these users.The official Google blog has information that since February 8 this year during every visit to Gmail users will see a banner reminding about the necessity to install browser updates. Of course, this only applies to those who are still using Chrome 53 or earlier versions. This decision is explained by the fact that the version of the program number 55 received a number of important security updates. In addition, as early as December 2017, new measures will be taken to force the browser update. The fact is that users of Chrome 53 and earlier versions will be automatically redirected to a simplified version of Gmail, based on HTML, when trying to check their mailbox in this service. Of course, these changes will affect users who refused to switch to more modern versions of Windows from the already familiar XP and Vista. Recall that on these operating systems, the last available version of Chrome is 49, which means that there is simply no way to install the necessary update.