Apple no longer allows you to check Activation Lock status on iCloud

02 February 2017
If you are planning to buy a used Apple gadget, it's time to look for information about ways to check whether Activation Lock is present, without visiting iCloud. The thing is that it is no longer possible to use this tool, because Apple has removed the corresponding page from the site.Recall that previously, when buying a mobile device from Apple by advertisement, the buyer could ask for the serial number or IMEI of the gadget and check the Activation Lock on a special page of the iCloud site. Thus, it was possible to protect oneself from acquiring a stolen device, the operation of which would become impossible without entering the password from the real owner's Apple ID account.Now, when trying to enter the corresponding page, users can only see the following message: "iCloud cannot find this page". Moreover it is reported that any mention of this method of checking for locks has been removed from the documentation for the "Find iPhone" app. Apple representatives themselves have not yet commented on this situation.