Instagram will allow you to post multiple photos in one post

02 February 2017
A pleasant news awaits all users of the social network Instagram. The fact is that very soon the list of its features may be supplemented with the function of publishing posts with several photos at once.The testing of the corresponding function has already started in the beta version of the official Instagram application for Android. Despite the fact that it does not work correctly yet, there is reason to believe that it will become available to everyone who wants to use it in the near future. The fact is that for a narrow circle of people - namely, Instagram advertising partners - this possibility was implemented back in 2015. As for the new function itself, it will allow you to attach up to ten pictures to the post, and then apply different filters to each of them individually. At the same time, subscribers will be able to scroll through the published albums and give the likes selectively, only to the photos they like. Unfortunately, even approximate dates of the appearance of this function in the final version of the application are still unknown. So all that remains to be done for now is to wait for updates and follow the news of the social network.