WhatsApp will have a function to delete messages already sent

01 February 2017
The developers of the much-loved messenger WhatsApp continue to delight users with the introduction of new features and are already testing one of them in the beta version of the iOS application.We are talking about the function that allows you to remotely edit messages already sent to other users. It will allow not only to correct misprints, but also avoid awkward situations when a message has been sent to the wrong person from your contact list by mistake or an auto-change failed. Of course, the function of editing sent messages also means the possibility of deleting them. Previously deleted messages disappeared only from one device, from which this action was performed, but thanks to the new feature, messages will be deleted immediately from all interlocutors. Unfortunately, we can't say for sure when the testing will be finished and the feature will be available to all who want it. All that remains to be done at the moment is to wait and watch for updates.