Gmail will get a major update and a number of useful features

17 April 2018
As many have probably heard, Google intends to update the design of the web version of Gmail. However, this is not all the changes expected by the mail service. A number of innovations are aimed at increasing privacy and data protection. For example, now users will not be afraid that the recipient will copy the text of the letter sent to them, or print it. To do this, simply activate the confidential sending mode. However, there is a loophole for the receiver all the same: Gmail still can't forbid screenshots of letters.Also, mail service from Google will allow to send letters protected by password. It means that in order to read the message you'll have to enter your password. But the most pleasant innovation will be the function to send self-destructing letters. When sending messages, users will be able to specify their lifetime. After a specified period of time after reading the message will be automatically deleted. It is worth adding that it is not clear yet, whether these features will work when sending messages to users who do not have a Google account. The thing is that when you try to open a confidential email, the system asks you to log in to your account. In any case, early access to the new features will be available in the coming weeks. At the same time, new details will be known.