Opera VPN will cease to exist by the end of the month

17 April 2018
Unpleasant surprise for Opera VPN users. On its official website, Opera Software company announced the soon closure of the relevant applications for Android and iOS.Already on April 30 this year, mobile applications Opera VPN will cease to exist. But the developers offer everyone who wants some alternative. Thus, users of the Opera Gold package get a free annual subscription to SurfEasy Ultra VPN. All those who didn't have a paid subscription to Opera VPN will get an 80% discount when buying SurfEasy Total VPN through the app. Curiously, SurfEasy was owned by Opera until 2017, after which it moved to Symantec. Moreover, Opera VPN originally worked with the use of SurfEasy technologies. As for the reasons for closing Opera VPN, the company preferred not to announce them. Many users put forward the assumption that it is connected with the blocking of Telegram in Russia. In favor of this theory speaks the surge in popularity of the service after the announcement of restrictions on access to the popular messenger. Thus, the application Opera VPN topped the top requests from users in the App Store. Whatever the reasons, before the end of the month Opera VPN will cease to exist. Users of the service still have time to switch to the proposed SurfEasy VPN, or find a more suitable alternative for themselves.