Creator of cheat software for Overwatch faces a year in prison

27 June 2018
In the Republic of Korea a trial was held against a hacker accused of developing and distributing cheat software designed to gain an advantage in the multiplayer shooter Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment.According to the information published on the portal PC Gamer, the accused is a twenty-eight-year-old citizen of the Republic of Korea. It is known that the hacker created cheatware, which brought him a profit of 200 million won, which is about $180 thousand. Thus, the accused has violated two laws - "On promotion of the gaming industry" and "On Protection in the Sphere of Information and Communications Technology. The court sentenced the hacker to one year of suspended imprisonment and probation for two years. Curiously, in the Republic of Korea this year has already been convicted of two hackers for creating cheats for Overwatch. The first one received two years of probation, and the second must pay a fine of 10 million won, which is approximately $10 thousand. At that, the last convicted person was punished most severely due to the size of the profits. It is worth adding that ten more hackers are awaiting their sentences.