VKontakte launched its own payment system

28 June 2018
Representatives of the social network VKontakte shared information about the launch of their new service. This time, we are talking about their own payment system, which allows you to pay for goods and services directly in the social network.The new payment system has a quite expected name - VK Pay. To start using it is very simple. Just link your bank card to your account in social network and create a PIN-code. In addition, when making the first payment, the user will have to fill out a small questionnaire, because it is required by law. In the future, you will not need to enter your bank card data to make a payment. One of the main features of VK Pay is that there is no payment fee. This applies to both the buyer and the seller. Any deposits, transfers or withdrawals are completely free. The fact is that the service works with the support of Gazprombank, which has assumed all the costs of paying any commissions. VK Pay users can quickly buy votes VKontakte, pay for cellular communications, various services and even traffic police fines directly in the social network. To make the money transfer with the help of the service it is possible in several ways: by the link to the page in the social network, by the phone number or with the help of QR-code. Also VK Pay offers all possible bonuses and special offers from the partners for the first users.The payment system will be also useful for the managers of different communities. The matter is that VK Pay will allow to accept payments for goods and services even easier. And for purchases through the payment service of the social network, business owners will receive certificates for advertising promotion VKontakte. In this case, payments via VK Pay perfectly safe. The transfer of any data is only through an encrypted connection, and card transactions are carried out using 3D Secure. Not to mention the fact that in order to access VK Pay, you need to correctly enter a given PIN code. The social network VKontakte's own payment system is still working in test mode, but will soon be available to everyone.