Yandex Browser has a special mode for weak computers

28 June 2018
Yandex.Browser has received another improvement. This time, the developers have introduced a simplified mode, which will significantly improve the browser's performance on weak computers.According to the developers, the new simplified mode is designed to speed up the Internet and was developed specifically for weak computers. It is based on the power-saving technology, but also uses some other tools. Thus, Yandex representatives have promised to reduce the load on the CPU and GPU by 15%, but at the same time to increase the loading speed of search results by 10%, as well as reduce the startup time of the browser by 13%. It is reported that in normal mode, Yandex.Browser loads no more than 10 tabs when restarting. When you activate the simplified mode, the programs will restore only the active tab. You can load the rest as needed by clicking on them. In addition, Yandex.Browser will optimize the performance of all js-scripts in terms of memory consumption instead of execution speed, as well as abandon some graphic effects. The new simplified mode is activated in Yandex.Browser version 18.4.1 or newer automatically if the computer has no more than 2 gigabytes of RAM or less than 1 processor core.