Telegram has an accelerated message playback feature

29 June 2018
The popular messenger Telegram has received another major update. The developers have introduced a number of new features in their creation.First of all, it is worth noting the function to replace the sent photos or videos. Earlier in cases when the wrong picture was accidentally sent to the interlocutor, the user had to delete the message. After that it was possible to send the desired picture again. Now, everything is much easier. Users can edit the sent message with a photo replacing it with any other one. One more useful innovation is a function of double acceleration of the playback of voice and video messages. It will be especially appreciated by those whose interlocutors often send excessively long messages, or who do not have time to listen or view multiple recordings from all senders. Also, the messenger has learned to mark chats as read and unread. To do this, iOS users need to swipe to the right, and the owners of Android-gadgets - click and hold on the conversation in the general list. In the Android version of the messenger, there are three more nice features. So, if you long press on the user's avatar in the list of chats, you can now see a preview of the correspondence. Also, there is an opportunity to add a hyperlink when formatting text and cancel messages before they are delivered to the recipient. The relevant innovations have become available to everyone in Telegram version 4.8.3 for iOS and 4.8.10 for Android.