Yandex voice assistant will help call a cab

21 March 2018
Yandex.Taxi users are in for a pleasant surprise. The fact is that the developers of the company announced the launch of a new, very useful function. Now, you can call a car using the voice assistant from Yandex - Alice.In order to order a trip, you only need to say where you need to go. Alice will launch the Yandex.Taxi application by itself and indicate the current location as the starting point and mark the destination. In this case, the user will not have to use a special command. Alice understands simple conversational language, so you can address it in any convenient way - the phrases "call a cab", "order a cab" and so on will do. Curiously, to find a destination, Alice is not necessary to name the exact address. For this, you can use the names of places - cafes, cinemas, restaurants, etc. Alice can also remember home and work addresses. When ordering a cab to such places for the first time, the assistant will specify the address and then will use it when calling the car automatically. Everyone can try the innovation, provided that they are in the region where Yandex.Taxi service works.