Google Chrome for Android got some long-awaited features

25 January 2018

Google has prepared a pleasant surprise for Chrome users. The mobile version of the browser received another update, which got several very useful features.

As many may have heard, Opera mobile browsers have got anti-miner protection. Google Chrome for Android is finally able to boast of the same feature. The new version of the browser, number 64, has a tool to block pop-up windows, which prevents the opening of any links, unless the user clicks on them. Among other things, it provides protection against all sorts of malicious scripts, including those designed for hidden mining.

Another interesting feature is a feature that disables audio playback on selected sites. This feature is especially useful when the user often has to visit a site that automatically plays music or videos. By specifying it in the Chrome preferences, you can save yourself from having to stop playback or change the volume each time you visit it. The sound will be muted on all pages of the selected site, on any number of tabs.

Of course, these are not all the innovations introduced in the Android version of Google Chrome 64. Everyone can get acquainted with them personally. To do this, just install the current version of the browser on your gadget.