Google Chrome will support the "monobrow" of modern smartphones

10 August 2018
Another beta version of Google Chrome for Android has been released. The developers have introduced several interesting features, which will then become available in the final build of the browser. First of all, it is worth noting the introduction of support for smartphones with a notch at the top of the screen in the style of the iPhone X. This means that sites optimized for devices with a "monobrow" will also display correctly on Android gadgets. Recall that Apple introduced support for the cutout in its own Safari browser last year. The download manager has also undergone changes. Where previously it was a simple list of downloaded files, in the new version the browser will have the function of automatic division of the downloaded data into categories. In addition, files will be separated from saved articles. Without a doubt, this innovation will make working with Google Chrome much more convenient.In addition, Google Chrome for Android Go, optimized for devices with 1GB or less of RAM, will have a built-in media player. That means users can watch videos and listen to music right in the browser without installing additional apps. Another new feature is coming to the desktop version of the browser. Starting with Chrome 69, the picture-in-picture feature won't be exclusive to mobile apps until it's available for Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Thus, users will be able to watch online videos in a separate floating window. A similar feature is present, for example, in Opera and Safari.