A vulnerability was found in Telegram, revealing a user's phone number

10 August 2018
According to the Izvestia newspaper, Russian specialists discovered a vulnerability in the Telegram messenger, which allows to find out the confidential data of a particular user.It is reported that programmers of the Center for Legitimacy and Political Protest Research found a vulnerability in Telegram, which can be used to reveal the user's identity. To do this, they developed a special program - "Cryptoscan". Of course, the developers didn't disclose all the details of its work, but it is known that the program sends a request with the user's name to Telegram, and the application gives out the necessary confidential data. Among them are an ID, a phone number and even the name and surname of the user. True, most users use fictitious names on the network, but representatives of Izvestia had a chance to make sure that other data Kryptoscan discloses without errors. The Center for Legitimacy and Political Protest Research has already started searching for users at the request of the Interior Ministry and the FSB. This was announced by the head of the center - Evgeny Venediktov.