Google Chrome has a built-in antivirus

17 October 2017
As we know, users download most viruses to their computers on their own. The same applies to unwanted software, which, although does not contain direct threats, nevertheless has a negative impact on the operation of the device or its usability. That's why Google specialists integrated an antivirus into their Chrome browser.We're talking about the Windows version of Chrome. Now if any settings, such as default search engine selection, are changed without user's participation, the program will notify about it and offer to rollback the changes. Also, thanks to a partnership with ESET, the built-in Chrome Cleanup tool now has anti-virus capabilities. Now it allows you to automatically detect and remove unwanted and malicious software with the click of a button. However, it should be noted that only browser extensions that violate the rules regarding unwanted software established by Google will be deleted in this way. This means that those who decided to save money on antivirus will not be able to implement their plan. At least not for a while. The above-mentioned innovations will soon be available to all Google Chrome for Windows users. MacOS and Linux versions of the browser will not receive support for the new features.