Google Chrome will get FLAC playback

16 January 2017
Good news awaits all lovers of high-quality sound: listening to your favorite songs in FLAC format will become possible directly in Chrome after the release of version 56.Thanks to the new feature, you can listen to your favorite songs in flac format directly in the browser window, in the built-in player, occupying a full tab. Perhaps the visual design will seem too simple and plain to many, but, on the other hand, the function declared by the developers works perfectly. First of all, this innovation will be useful for Mac owners, because these devices do not have the ability to work with flac "out of the box", while support for this format is already implemented in Windows 10 and Android. It is also worth adding that a similar feature appeared in the browser Firefox back in September, when the release of the update to version 51. We can say that the feature has already been successfully implemented in Google Chrome: users who have installed the beta version of the browser under version 65 can try it out. The release of the final version will also be held in the near future and then everyone will have access to the new feature.