Instagram Stories will have ads

13 January 2017
It has been some time since Instagram launched the "Stories" feature copied from its competitor, Snapchat. Many users of the social network have already managed to try and like the new feature, which prompted the developers to develop a new way of monetization.It became known that Instagram will start to show promotional videos or full-screen images between the stories of users. At the same time, they will be displayed automatically when moving from one Story to another. Such innovation, although it will be negatively met by most users, will be very useful for Facebook, which owns the social network Instagram. The fact is that thanks to the "Stories", the service will get a fairly significant space for advertising. If we believe the representatives of the company, in the main section of the site, which generates revenue - the news feed, the space for advertising is almost gone, so the alternative in the form of stories on Instagram was provided in a very timely manner. Recall that Snapchat has also attempted to introduce ads in the stories section, but in October the company abandoned such a decision. And Instagram users have yet to face the appearance of advertising in this section. It is expected that at the first stage the company will work with a small number of partners, but in the coming weeks all advertisers from anywhere in the world will be able to place their ads.