Opera has shown what the browser of the future will look like

13 January 2017
Many Internet users probably remember how many modern browsers evolved and how innovations, originally developed by Opera specialists, were widely adopted, among which the already familiar support for working with multiple tabs and the speed dial feature. It seems that the developers of the Norwegian company do not intend to rest on their laurels, and now offer everyone a glimpse into the future of computer browsers, releasing their new product. Opera Neon browser concept-browser, which, according to the developers, reflects the future of desktop browsers, saw the light. It is known that although the novelty uses the same engine Blink, as the standard version of Opera, but otherwise the work on the project was carried out from scratch. It was done in order to present a completely new product and get rid of the already existing elements, which could slow down the work in the network.The first thing that will strike the eye of those who decide to try Opera Neon is the use of the computer desktop background as the start page, in the center of which is the new search-address bar. One of its main features is the support for OpenSearch technology. Of course, users can choose the most convenient search engine from the available list.Among other interesting features of the program is a new visual panel of tabs, which is located on the right side of the window. Even more convenience when working on the Internet will contribute to automatic tabs management function, which will raise the most frequently used of them. On the left side of the window, there is a panel with the player that will help you quickly control playback in all open tabs without having to switch to them, the image gallery, and the download manager.Also, the browser introduced the already popular video out function, which allows you to watch online videos without distracting your attention from other tabs. At the same time, new features have appeared. For example, Opera Neon provides already known Split Screen function, which allows you to work with two active tabs without switching between them. Also, the developers have implemented the possibility to create snapshots of any part of the webpage and save them in the browser's gallery.It's also worth adding that users can add the necessary sites to the tabs panel, located on the main screen. To do this, you just need to drag the circle with the appropriate tab from the right side of the screen to the panel.Despite all the features of the browser, Opera Neon does not have a number of the usual features of the Norwegian browser, for example, ad blocker and built-in free VPN. According to the developers themselves, the program can not be a full-fledged replacement for the final version of Opera, because it is only a concept. Anyone can try the new features in practice: the concept-browser is already available for free download. And those, who will like it, will get a pleasant surprise: the developers promised to implement some Neon features into Opera browser this spring.