Google Chrome will allow you to mute individual tabs

28 August 2017
Many active Internet users are familiar with the problem when one of the many open tabs suddenly starts playing sound. Often, it interferes with your work, or watching videos or listening to music online. Having detected an "interfering" tab, in most cases you had to close it and reopen it later. Now, to avoid such inconveniences, Google Chrome browser will have a tool that allows you to mute the sound on select pages.Francois Beaufort, one of the developers from Google, which promotes Chromium-projects, shared the relevant information. According to him, the browser will allow to turn off sound for selected sites on a permanent basis. To do this, you must open the site information section, located at the beginning of the address bar, and then activate the appropriate option. It is worth adding that the mute function on selective tabs is already implemented in browsers such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox. True, in their case, the user only needs to click on the speaker icon on the tab itself. On the other hand, it won't solve the problem of automatically starting audio playback when you visit the site again, while Chrome allows you to turn off the sound until the user turns it on himself. The new feature is only available in the test build of Google Chrome for now. It will be available to everyone who wants to use it very soon, after the release of the final version of the browser.