"Kaspersky Lab will help check the security of Wi-Fi networks and connected devices

25 August 2017
"Kaspersky Lab has released a new free application for Android - Kaspersky Smart Home & IoT Scanner. The product is designed to check the security and analyze the security of Wi-Fi networks, as well as devices connected to them.It is reported that the program automatically detects all devices connected to the selected Wi-Fi network. This may include not only routers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices, but also IP-cameras, printers, TVs, game consoles, network storages and media servers. Kaspersky Smart Home & IoT Scanner can scan them and detect vulnerabilities that can be exploited by intruders or malicious software. Moreover, the program warns about connecting new devices, open ports and weak passwords, and gives tips on how to improve device protection. It's worth adding that while the program is already available on Android 4.1 and higher, it is still in beta-testing stage. This means that its work so far may be unstable. Unfortunately, there is no information about when the final version will be released.