The new version of "Yandex.Browser" will become even more economical

25 August 2017
A new beta version of Yandex.Browser is available to Windows and Mac OS users. The developers assure that the program now uses the resources of the system even more efficiently.First of all, it is worth noting the optimized rendering of various images on websites. Compared with the previous version of the browser, the innovation saves up to 10% of memory on ordinary websites and up to 25% on pages with lots of images. In addition, the developers slightly improved Tableau. In the new version of Yandex.Browser, widgets have been reduced to a fixed size, independent of the number of elements. Of course, the developers have provided two size options, which will make using the browser equally pleasant both on monitors with high resolution and in more modest conditions. These and a number of other small improvements are available so far only in the beta version of Yandex.Browser, which can work unstable. Those who are not ready to deal with a number of possible bugs are advised to wait for the release of the final version of the program.