AccuWeather for Apple gadgets was caught spying on users

24 August 2017
One of the main problems with modern smartphones is the collection of user information and its transfer to third parties - mainly to secret services and advertising companies. Despite the fact that many fear such antics from Android, another "leak" was found exactly on Apple gadgets.Will Strafach, who developed early iOS jailbreaks, shared the relevant information. According to him, while testing AccuWeather, the app sent user data 16 times to third-party SDK Reveal Mobile. In doing so, the name of the router and the ID of the main service package is sent to the ad company even if access to location information has been denied. The company's website states that the SDK "helps app publishers and media companies extract maximum value from geo-positioning data." By the way, Reveal Mobile can also collect data about the user's location using Bluetooth beacons, even if the app is not in use. Of course, such actions by developers cannot help but deceive the trust of numerous users. But what's more important - they also violate Apple's terms - "You cannot track an end user's use of Wi-Fi to determine their location if they have disabled geo-positioning services in your app. Thus, developers will have to either reduce their appetite in an effort to line their pockets, or prepare for harsh measures from the Cupertino giant. It is worth noting that we are only talking about the version of the weather app for iOS. The thing is that since Android Marshmallow (6.0), access to information about the package ID requires mandatory permission from the user.