Google Chrome will soon be unavailable on Android Jelly Bean

08 October 2018
The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile operating system, released on July 10, 2012, is now the oldest OS to receive Google Chrome updates. It seems that this situation will not last long. It has become known that the developers of the popular browser intend to stop supporting Android Jelly Bean in the near future.XDA Developers has shared the relevant information. According to the discovered commit, Google Chrome requirements will soon vrstrozhdenie from Android 4.1 to Android 4.4. KitKat. There is no exact information about the timing of the abandonment of the outdated OS yet, but it seems that all owners of devices on Jelly Bean should start looking for another browser. Recall that the share of Jelly Bean among all Android devices is only 3.2%. In percentage terms, it seems that this is not much, but it is worth realizing that there are about one billion smartphones and tablets running Android all over the world. Thus, about 32 million users are forced to look for a replacement for the familiar Google Chrome.