LG will create its own flexible smartphone

05 October 2018
As many may have heard, Huawei and Samsung are competing for the title of the company that released the world's first flexible smartphone. Recently, Oppo joined this race. And now another company has announced the development of its own flexible smartphone. It was LG.According to representatives of the Korean giant, work in this direction is being conducted for several years. However, LG does not plan to participate in the race. Instead, specialists from the company said that their goal is not to produce an innovative smartphone just because they can do it, but to create a really useful and popular gadget. In addition, LG recently conducted a study, which turned out that most users do not understand why they need flexible smartphones. We can assume that the company will wait for the release of the first flexible smartphone from Huawei or Samsung and evaluate how it was met by the public. Based on these data, LG and will choose the direction of further development. Thus, it turns out that LG is working on a flexible smartphone, but has no plans to release it on the market. At the same time, even the approximate characteristics of the gadget remain secret. Whether the Korean giant will be able to surprise potential buyers - time will tell.