The second-generation Nintendo Switch will be released in 2019

05 October 2018
According to some reports, Nintendo is concerned about the beginning of a decline in sales of the Switch console, which was released in the spring of 2017. This was the reason for the development of the new generation of the game console. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Nintendo Switch 2 console will see the light next year.Recall that the main difference between Nintendo Switch and its competitors is the ability to use in both home and mobile environments. The sales of this console, though showing some decline, are still at a very high level. In addition, usually the time cycle of gaming consoles lasts much longer than 2 years, so we can assume that the second generation Switch will not be much different from the first. There is no official data on the improvements of the console, but we can assume that Nintendo Switch 2 will be more productive than its predecessor and will get an improved OLED display, instead of the usual LCD. On the other hand, some sources insist that the OLED display is not worth waiting for, because it would cause a significant increase in the cost of the console. The release of the Nintendo Switch 2 console is scheduled for the second half of 2019. More information about the novelty, as well as its technical specifications, will be known closer to that time.