Google will start blocking ads in Chrome in early 2018

02 June 2017
Good news awaits all Google Chrome users. The matter is that according to the company representatives, one of the most popular browsers will finally get a built-in ad blocking tool.Recall that the first information about the implementation of the new feature in the popular browser was published in Wall Street Journal two months ago. However, confirmation from Google representatives was received only now. If we believe the information from the official blog of the company, the new tool will block only unacceptable ad units. The representatives of the company said about the entry of Google into "Coalition for Better Ads", which also includes Facebook, News Corp and The Washington Post. Together, the companies intend to improve the quality of advertising on the Internet and clear it of intrusive ads. In addition, if we believe the information published in the official blog, Chrome will begin to block any, even its own banners that do not meet the requirements of "Better Ads Standards". It is expected that the ad-blocking tool will appear in both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome. However, it will not happen soon - in early 2018. Recall that the ad blocker built into the browser is no longer a novelty these days. This feature has been implemented in Opera and even Sputnik for quite some time. In addition, the developers of the popular ad blocking extension released their own Adblock browser for Android and iOS.