Mobile browser from Samsung became available for owners of gadgets from other manufacturers

05 June 2017
It is quite rare that applications from Android-gadget manufacturers are more convenient than their counterparts from Google or other major companies. Nevertheless, for many, Samsung Internet Browser has become an exception. In addition to the already available pleasant features, this browser has prepared another pleasant surprise for users. The fact is that now it can be used not only on Samsung gadgets, but also by other manufacturers.The description of the aforementioned browser in the official application store for Android has recently been changed. According to the added information, Samsung Internet Browser can be installed not only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, but also on Nexus/ or Pixel devices. Another condition for installing the browser is that the device runs Android 5.0 or higher. Despite the fact that there is no information about support for other gadgets on the page of the program on Google Play, some users report that they were able to install the browser on a number of smartphones from other manufacturers, such as Huawei. Recall that Samsung Internet Browser has gained popularity among users because of its speed, smooth scrolling, as well as support for a number of extensions. Of course, these include tools to block annoying ads, such as Adblock Fast.