Google intends to drop support for the Drive desktop app

11 September 2017
Google has announced its intention to drop support for the familiar to many desktop application Drive, designed to work with the storage of the same name. But this does not mean that it will be impossible to access files on the cloud. The company has already released two new products to replace the old one. According to published information, support for Google Drive applications for Windows and macOS will cease on December 11, and in the spring - March 12, they will be closed permanently. In addition, starting from October, users of the outdated cloud storage client will receive notifications about the soon unavailability of the product.As for the proposed alternatives - there are two at once. The first one is designed for regular users and is a program called Backup and Sync. At the same time, it replaces two products of the company - Google Drive and Google Photos Uploader. In terms of set of features, it practically does not differ from its predecessor, but in general makes working with cloud storage and downloading files even more convenient. In turn, corporate users will be able to use another product - Drive File Streamer. Its main advantage will be the ability to quickly interact with the files stored in the cloud, without the need to download them to your work PC. Of course, all users of Google Drive will still have another option - to use the web version of the service. In any case, the closure of the already familiar application for access to files on the cloud will not happen soon, and we have enough time to get acquainted with all the alternatives and choose the most suitable one.