VKontakte's official mobile app will undergo a global redesign

11 September 2017
Pavel Knyazev, VKontakte's leading designer, announced another change in the social network's official blog. This time, the surprise in the form of a global redesign awaits only users of the official mobile applications for Android and iOS.One of the most noticeable changes will be the return of the tabbar at the bottom of the screen, which the application developers abandoned back in 2012. There will be five tabs on this bar - News, Search and Recommendations, Messages, and Notifications. The fifth tab will be used to access the menu with other functions. Special mention should be made of the Search and Recommendations section. It will now display not only the content to which the user is subscribed, but also the content that should match their interests. It is expected that the return of the tabbar will help simplify access to the most important and necessary features of the social network.In addition, Apple Music users will immediately notice a strong resemblance to the new redesigned "Audio Recordings" section in the VKontakte application. The new player is expected to support album covers, will allow creating playlists and provide recommendations and special selections. Of course, this is not all the changes that will undergo the application VKontakte for Android and iOS after the redesign. Get acquainted with them independently very soon will be able to all comers. In the meantime, the only thing left to do is to watch for updates to the official application of the popular social network.