Google has implemented an ad blocker in its Chrome browser

02 August 2017
Most regular Internet users can no longer imagine life without all sorts of ad-blocking tools. In addition to third-party solutions, browser manufacturers have begun to develop their own ad blockers. For example, Opera already has such a feature, and on mobile devices has a special Adblock Browser. Now, the long-awaited feature will appear in the most popular browser - Google Chrome.The testing of the new feature has already started, both in the desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome. What we do know is that the new feature won't block all ads, but only the most obtrusive ones and those that don't meet the Coalition for Better Ads standards. Nevertheless, it will already allow you to access your favorite sites without being distracted by annoying banners. Users of test builds of Google Chrome browser can activate the new feature. To do this, you need to enter the settings and go to the "site settings" section. It remains to hope that the appearance of such a popular feature in the public version of the browser is not long in coming.