National system of Internet traffic filtration will be launched in Russia

03 August 2017
Already by the beginning of 2020, the National System of Internet Traffic Filtering (NAFIT) may begin to work in Russia. The document providing for the beginning of work on the project was recently signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev. Denis Davydov, the head of the Safe Internet League, managed to share some details with Izvestia. According to him, the creation of NAFIT is provided within the framework of the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation". At the same time there are two possible ways to run the system. The first one provides filtration of the Internet traffic exclusively for educational institutions, and the second one - the launch by default for all users from Russia. It is reported that the new system is designed to protect children from inappropriate content from the Internet. Thus, after the launch of NaSFIT, underage users will only be able to access resources from the "white list". According to Denis Davydov, all other citizens will be able to access unfiltered content, even in the case of a global launch of NAFIT. To do this, it will be necessary to write an application to their Internet provider, or simply disable the corresponding function in their personal account. It is worth adding that by the first quarter of 2019, the government will adopt the relevant laws, as well as develop the architecture and prototype of NaSFIT. As previously mentioned, a full-fledged launch of the system is planned by the end of the first quarter of 2020.